It is not the changes or the challenges that you and I face, but rather the choices we make, that determine our fate.
— Linda Barrett

Helping others perform to their potential is what Linda Barrett is all about. She has devoted most of her life to helping others help themselves by showing them how to creatively conquer their challenges, compete more effectively in rapidly changing arenas and remain resourceful in the midst of chaos. Her mission is to share strategies for success so that her clients and audience members can accomplish incomparable results.

Although Linda’s breadth of knowledge and experience is extensive, she does not lecture to her audiences or bore them with textbook terminology, but rather distills her message down to practical strategies for success. All of Linda's programs revolve around some aspect of peak performance, developing wisdom or accessing inner resources, for example, learning how to stay calm under pressure or learning how to change one's perspective by doing thought somersaults.™

In today's rapidly changing, increasingly challenging, sometimes overwhelmingly chaotic environment, the ability to stay calm, to act decisively and be resourceful might be just the edge your people need to compete effectively. Whether you ask Linda to tie her topic to sales, leadership, change, life balance, team building or communication, she can do it because she believes that ability to think creatively is key to gaining a competitive edge. Your people will learn as they laugh and gain unique perspective on being more resourceful as a strategy for success.

Linda's captivating keynotes are ideal for opening conventions, fundraisers, retreats and special events and her highly interactive concurrent sessions give participants the chance to learn practical strategies for success that are based upon the ideas she shares in her keynotes. She also offers customized entertainment to jazz up your event.

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